Meet Gustav Lautrup, 24-years-old from Aarhus, Denmark, and the creative mind behind the t-shirt capsule “Found, Not Lost”. We spoke with the young man about his thoughts behind and his visual interpretation.

What do you understand by the one-liner "Found, Not Lost"?
What I understand from "Found, Not Lost" is that we are all right where we need to be. In a time where many are in doubt about identity, career, or just small actions in everyday life, I think it’s important to remember to rest in yourself and not think that you are on the wrong track, even if it can sometimes feel that way. I often doubt whether I’m on the right path, but I try to remember that life is not linear – life has ups and downs. Sometimes it feels like we’ve gone off the rails, but even in these situations I'd say we're not lost. What we experience are just bumps in the road that help define us as people and shape our lives.

How is this meaning interpreted in your graphic design?

The meaning of "Found, Not Lost" is most of all interpreted through the calmness I have tried to express in my two designs. They each illustrate a snapshot or a type of situation that represents resting within oneself – or feeling "found". I don't think I should go and share more thoughts. What is interesting is what the viewer gets out of looking at my designs and not how I think it should be interpreted. Everything is up to interpretation.


If... when, where, or how do you feel "found"?

Sometimes I feel "found" while other times I feel useless, demotivated, or depressed. But, as I said, life is not linear, and you cannot be happy all the time – but that does not mean that you are lost. I often try, in one way or another, to accept my feelings and use them to get to know myself better. If you simply look inward, it’s often an expression of something that goes deeper, which can be quite constructive to do. How I deal with lows varies a lot. Sometimes it helps to be social, while other times it helps to immerse myself in drawing or playing music. But it's hard to put a finger on exactly where I feel "found". It may just be the moments when I feel some kind of meaning in life, whether it’s in the company of family and friends or simply immersed in my own interests.